Soul searching


I've been this way before
And will be this way again
I stare into my own eyes
Kind whispers
From above
Guided by my soul
And release
Release myself
To sing my own song again
This power of understanding
Brings forward the deepest acceptance
of who I am
This touch of kindness
Lets me feel the beauty of higher consciousness
And unfolds the magic of awakening
Hidden in the ten seconds stare into the mirror

20 June 2014

Glitter and Gold

Beautiful soul

There's a place all painted with glitter and gold
It makes me wonder
Your divine follows down our soul
It makes me wonder
Your light shines upon my destiny
When I have no colors in my tears
Give me time but stay a little bit longer
Please say you will, say you will
It will take a little time to leave it all
This stormy weather
Try to get it off my mind
Along this lonely road
Blinded by the headlights of the unknown
Subtle movements arise at it all
Makes my thoughts wonder off